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Ai on the edge

Smart Ai powered Drone

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Cutting edge technology

Consumer Focused

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Years of extensive research

Ai at the core
Drones for Videography, Insights and Survey.

Qoptars is a consumer focused drone company  visioned to Solve complicated problems using Drone & UAV. We are serving 3 areas of aerial application : Videography, Insight & Surveillance. We integrate Ai into the edge of the system that makes our products more safer, Smarter and better. A consumer focused company visioned to Solve complicated problems using Drone & UAV.

We are revolutionizing the era.
Software Defined Drones
Over hardware Defined Drone
Our Product
onedrone - Swappable payload with "Ai on the edge"
Multiple swappable payload

Plug and play, Payload changeable drone. Swap difference payloads from Gimballed action camera, Multispectral, Thermal sensor and Lidar.

Ai on the edge

onedrone has integrated CPU of 8 cores, 3.091 Ghz, 8Gb RAM, 128 Gb ROM. Capable of Obstacle avoidance(No crash), GPS independent, Tracking moving object, Smart flight modes, Live data process etc.

onedrone for all

Swap its different sensors for different applications. onedrone is built for Personal / Professional videography, 2D/3D Mapping, Aerial Survey and Security & Inspection.

Applications of onedrone
How we are different ?
We are young, innovative, always consumer focused and solution oriented
A core team of dynamic expertise
Design & Aerodynamics

Design of propulsion system and simulation, Aerodynamics and analyzing efficiency.

Electronics & Sensors

Design to fabrication of PCB, Additive manufacturing and sensor fusion

Machine learning & Control

Image processing & Machine learning, Intelligent control system design for drones.

Our Product
Air Sonic S - Freestyle & Flagship FPV Drone
Most Robust & Freestyle

Air Sonic is the best drone for a beginner to race and Aerial videography. Whether you are a Drone Racing Enthusiast or a professional Aerial videographer, This is the only freestyle FPV you will ever need to push the limits and fly like never before.

100% Customized

Air SONIC is the best FPV config that is suitable for any FPV application. From camera systems, Transmission system to propeller colour. Everything is customizable. Moreover, Upgrade your drone as you grow! “Start small, Grow big” Either it is a frame repair or major change in the flight system, Our expert engineers are always there for your help regarding upgrade at any moment of time.

Quality Meets Affordability

Starting with FPV can be a very expensive process in the long run. Lack of knowledge and best resources can cost you lakhs of rupees before even building your professional FPV quad drone. Air SONIC S solves this problem at the root. No need to try different configurations and find the most suitable one, Try Air SONIC  and upgrade easily as you require to improve your quality of work.

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